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One Hundred and Eight

October 16, 2010

Surya Namaskar AThat’s a picture of Surya Namaskar A.

And I did that 108 times yesterday.

It’s an old ritual. I’ve done it before, and it will be done long after me.  But it’s one hell of an experience.

The first time I did it I joked that I could see though time by the end. Yesterday it was remarkable because I didn’t see much of anything.

The flow of the room is so important with something like this. When it’s a shared experience, your mood, your bearing will affect those around you. Because the physical movement is so defined, minor shifts and tweaks become a new kind of body language. My vision was limited to the mat in front of me and the women practicing next to me.

And boy, did I need that.  There’s such clarity of purpose in doing one thing so many times. Everything else falls away. Everything seems less complicated.  Stay in the flow, keep going, and the whole path begins to emerge.

My day got more convoluted from there, because how could it not? But the core of my being was a little bit stronger.  When you make the offering, sometimes a little something is revealed.

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