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Links in a Chain

October 14, 2010

And so it begins…

My world has a lot of component parts.

I teach yoga. I watch people move. I make chainmaille. I draw. I listen. I read. I write. My brain likes to solve problems. And I like to explain everything.

This is an effort to bring all of that together.

Yoga teachers often talk about “connecting the mind, body, and breath” and that’s both absolutely true and completely ridiculous. It’s true that yoga is a practice of consciously connecting those things, but unconsciously they are inseparable.  Your mind cannot function without oxygen, the body can’t bring in oxygen without muscles, and muscles can’t engage without the nervous system.

The personality functions in a similar  way. All the work I’ve done and all the lessons I’ve learned piled up to form something close to a complete person.  If I can consciously bring all that together, it may be something worth reading.

There will be yoga, and some comics, and chainmaille jewelry, and my marginally coherent thoughts.

Let’s go!

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